Haunted Pines Cidery

Project Scope:

  • Brand Messaging & Strategy
  • Custom Logo Design & Brand Kit
  • Custom Artwork for Cider Flavors


The story behind this fictional branding design… “On a rural farm, nestled in New York’s still wooded and wild countryside, a small cidery is founded in 1922. In spite of Prohibition, this “scary good cider” came to fame in the bootleg market — that is until all of the residents of the farm mysteriously vanished one night after a horrifying storm. Since then, the orchards have been adopted by a new owner who carries on the cidermaking. Customers who visit in the foggy, early mornings say they can still hear the voices and catch a glimpse of the shadows of those who were mysteriously lost overnight. Now, the dark farm, weeping pines, and knotted apple trees have taken on a new name… the Haunted Pines Cidery.”

Having multiple logo options allows your brand to mold to different marketing mediums without taking away from the overall identity. The trio of logos for Haunted Pines Cidery work together to keep the brand look, feel, and emotions consistent, even when used in a variety of ways.

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