Purpose and financial freedom are within reach. Better branding can help get you there.

The impact of having a professional, cohesive brand goes far beyond recognition or design. It helps you build a lasting impression with clients and becomes the embodiment of your business in their minds. This mental association and trust factor with your brand has a direct correlation to your business’s bottom line… and your future.

When your business and brand succeed, what does your life look like?

What is branding?

Finding your purpose

If you’ve ever wondered “what’s my purpose?” then you might have found that answer inside of starting a business. It could be in serving a need, filling a gap, fixing a problem, or sharing a new innovation. Whatever your calling, it’s making a positive impact on the people around you.

This impact also includes your own life. You’ve invested your time, money, blood, sweat, and tears into your business. You’ve fought for it! It’s taught you so many lessons and molded who you are today. And if you’re lucky, it’s given you the purpose you’ve been searching for — that we’re all searching for.

By helping your small business succeed, I hope to help YOU succeed at finding your purpose. A career path that isn’t a soul-sucking slog, but rather a journey that lights you up. It brings out the best in you while bringing fulfillment to your life!

Finding financial freedom

We’ve all imagined it, right? The freedom to make our own schedules, work from home (or the beach), have the flexibility to take care of loved ones, or even to turn off the tech at a moment’s notice. After all, you’re the fearless leader of your business, out there making the hard choices and doing the hard work you love. BUT, you’re also a human being who wants to seek freedom, adventure, and a mojito with a view.

At True To You Brands, I want your business to have the financial success that allows you to live the life you want. By investing in your business’ brand identity you’re giving it the best possible chance for success. When the foundation is strong, there’s no limit to how high you can build. Branding that is professional, authentic, builds value, instills trust, and inspires connection is the foundation your company is built on. Put it to work for you.

What is branding?

Hey there, I’m Jess.

It’s nice to meet you!

I’m the founder of True To You Brands and I want to help you build your dream life around the success of your business. Sounds very magical, I know. But it’s true. After starting my own business and seeing the transformation it’s sparked in my life, my happiness, mental health, and overall well-being, I want you to have the same!

After spending a decade as a 9-5’er designing and building brands for my employers, I left the safety of my salary for the promise of more. Today, I dream of one day owning my own lake house and touring all of the National Parks. I’m a small business owner, like you, who wants to find purpose, make an impact, and live a financially free life.

I’m your typical type-A, process-person with a deep creative streak. My degrees in Graphic Design and English from Binghamton University have paired well with my experience as a logo designer, marketing director, and brand strategist for multiple small businesses in a wide range of industries.

I started True To You Brands on a sleepless night, tossing and turning about wanting something bigger for myself. I wanted the freedom to be “true to me” and follow my own path. I’ve since combined my skills for high-quality design, process organization, and brand strategy to create a brand development experience that helps small business owners lead a remarkable, thriving business.

By offering a guided, well-organized brand development experience, I hope to help small business owners reach success faster and more easily. When your brand is a compass that guides every facet of your business, you can avoid the DIY time-suck, looking like a cookie-cutter wallflower, and the uphill battle with little reward.

Because in the end, when your business thrives — so will you.

I hope you’ll trust me to guide you on your journey towards purpose, financial freedom, and a business you’re incredibly proud of. One that changes the lives of your clients and yours for the better!